En kollektion af noveller med karakterer fra

"The Notion of" - serien.


The Temptation of Gabriel Lee

His fingers push away the black bangs falling into his dark maroon eyes. Eyes that glow with the crooked grin on his lips.

The temptation of Gabriel Lee is hard to resist, if not impossible. Behind the charming smirk of a wink, Gabriel hides a soul in pain. 

After losing his big brother, Gabriel fights to live up to the reputation as the golden child, but the pressure cracks him like a twig in the wind. The only thing keeping his heart pumping, his blood flowing and his mind occupied from the guilt of failure is succumbing to the desire and lust erupting inside him at any given moment.

The pain release, the numbness and momentarily escape comes at a prize. A prize that just might be too hard to pay.

I’m surrounded by ghosts. Lost souls. Dead people.

This is where I’ve decided to have a mental break down.


Dressing Sam in Disguise

The house of cards wavers in the wind. With just one single blow everything will come crashing down. Which is why a man of the house is built like a solid rock. Unmoved. Unbreakable. 

To Sam the notion of a man is a clear picture of his strong, cold and steady dad, who teaches him the ways of caring for the family and shielding everyone he loves from pain. 

With a sick sister and a house that barely stands on its own, Sam realizes his hopes and dreams of a future at college is an unaffordable luxury. 

The man of the house. I hear him. The chant steadying the pace of my beating heart. I move to the rhythm of dad’s words.


Kora's Devoted Heart

We all have our limits. The limits that we seek to push through or overcome, but if we carelessly exceed these limits, it can break us. Kora will do anything for the ones she loves. Even at the expense of herself.

Being a single parent, taking care of her two girls, juggling two jobs, while volunteering at the local youth center, and helping out at church is hard to balance.

When energy is no longer a renewable source and the battery is dead, what's left to keep the family afloat and the soul recharged?

Energy is a resource. Easily wasted. Often used up. My battery is not low. It is completely drained. I’ve been running on fumes. Unable to fill the tank.


"In Another World" - Emmanuel Said

He doesn’t understand. No one ever understands. When I enter the world of this game, I become the hunter. I tread the forest with an unyielding bow and arrow, pointing my weapon at the monsters lurking from behind the trees, hiding in the shadows.

Emmanuel is a gamer. No one understands gamers. That's the narrative following the onedimensional stereotype in a fourdimensional world. 

While fighting against the monsters of the other world, he battles against real life enemies of this world.

He blinded my intuition with the self-fulfilling prophecy, that my life would never amount to anything without a shift in focus. Yet, at this moment, my focus was clear.


Nicole's Crystallized Tears

A calming sensation flows through me as my eyes admire the beautiful being. Fear is long gone. All I’m left with now, is a longing to unravel the mystery of this mythical creation, lying stiffly and unmoving in the sand.

Nicole spends most of her waking hours riding the waves of the ocean. Letting the beach breeze drift her out to sea and trust the ocean to bring her back in to shore.  One day, the force of first love strikes Nicole and suddenly she feels like a fish out of water. 

Time freezes. Passing by with a slow ticking second. The sea carries me forward, like an extended hand, curved around my surfboard.